Laser Lipo

Laser Lipo

The process of Lipo Laser Therapy involves the use of a device consisting of pads specially equipped with laser diodes. These pads are applied directly to your skin, and the lasers penetrate down into the fat cells. When the laser penetrates the fat cells, it creates tiny holes in the membranes of the cells, causing them to release stored fatty acids as well as stored glycerol and water. Over time, this causes the fat cells to shrink, and your body to lose inches. Your body will then flush out any excess fat-cell contents or simply burn them for energy

    Reduction of fat in target areas, contours body and cellulite reduction.

    During this procedure a set of pads is placed on the problem areas for a total of 45 min followed by skin tightening for 15min.

    4 sessions $340

    7 sessions $560

    10 sessions $780